Around the World for the Holidays!

Last night my family and I (as well as many other central valley residents) were lucky enough to see the worlds grandest landmarks at our local fairgrounds.

This year a new tradition has begun and I couldn't be more excited. "Global Winter Wonderland" is here!

In case you didn't know, I LOVE THE WORLD! I love learning about people, places and things. Especially those that are completely different than what surround me in my day to day life. I love the idea of traveling the world and visiting some of the actual landmarks depicted here but for now I will marvel at the beautiful world of light that surrounds me here (Me wishing I were still there...).


Aside from the lights there was food from all over the world, live performances- including dancers, acrobats, musicians and gymnasts..... AND RIDES. In my opinion far better than the fair, many of the rides and almost no wait.

Each display includes a description of where the actual monument is in the world, how it was built, and what purpose it is currently serves. 

If you are going to in Tulare-County from Mid December to early January I highly recommend seeing for yourself how great it was, Don't just take my word for it :). The festivities will end on January 3rd this year.

   I've only shown you a small fraction of   the displays.  Beautiful, Right?
   Let Me Know What You Think!

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