Being Auntie [A Story of Survival]

     The past few months have been very slow for me knitting wise. I was having a hard time finding the time or motivation to knit anything... Which is a rare and scary feeling for me. For the past few weeks my youngest niece had been visiting with us. Yes, for the past few weeks my 2 year old silly little ball of energy niece who sprints like the wind and tries to lock herself in dark bedrooms was in my care during the day and most of the night.

Taking care of young children is fun but challenging none the less. Getting her up and ready to go during the coldest days of the year has taught me many things. I am a creative person person so naturally I spend a lot of time and dedicate a lot of thought and energy to creating things that are neat and thoughtful as well as functional. Minutes after she left I deep cleaned the house. Then I got to work on the latest addition to my shop. This items design was entirely inspired by my little niece and my experiences taking care of her.

     I decided to start knitting sets for parents or care takers who are or will be going through what I went through only a few days ago.

  Shopping for babies can be difficult because baby clothes are designed to be disposable. Babies are the cutest little destroyers on the face of the earth and I can understand that spending large amounts of money on things that will only be used for a few weeks to a month may not be appealing to most parents, however, I feel that if something is made with high quality materials then it is likely to last long enough to be passed down from child to child; Because we all love hand-me-downs, right?... Anyone?... I do. Anyway, This Is why I added elbow patches to this sweater, not only do they lengthen the life of the piece by preventing holes but they also add a touch of vintage flair.

    The next feature came to me after packing my niece up to go only to discover that she had taken off her gloves and thrown them in "that one spot in the car that your hands wont fit into and if you by the grace of god obtain the item you were seeking you come out with brag worthy battle scars". This set includes mittens that button to the sleeves, They insure that your baby s' wrists are completely covered and they make it more difficult for then to remove them while you are paying attention to the road you responsible driver you.

     The final piece to the set is the hat. It is a very simple slouchy hat meant to resemble a "Flat Cap". Its front is partially knitted in garter stitch giving it a slightly tighter fit to prevent it from falling off when your rushing to your changing station before a disaster occurs.

    I love these details and design elements and I am in fact already in the process of knitting a similar  for a baby girl so keep an eye out for it. If you have a 9-12 month old or love someone else s you can purchase this set "here".

   On another note, look at how beautiful the days have been lately. I have been going for walks and immersing myself in winter beauty to clear my mind and strengthen my body.

      Oh the greenery

 and few palm trees mixed in there because its California.

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