My Marvelous Project Bag

          So far this year has been the year that I follow through with my promises to myself. I have been wanting to sew project bags to keep all of my WIP's and their notions neat and together but up until now I've either "Never had enough time" or "I just never felt like it". Well one morning I woke up (earlier than usual) and decided that I needed to just get up and do it, so I did.

      I call this my "Marvelous Project Pag" (pun intended). My goal was to create a bag that was strong enough to stand on its own and sturdy enough that unprotected knitting needles wouldn't pierce it. The fabrics that I ended up using were a red cotton twill and a Marvel super hero cotton print fabric. I had originally bought the twill for making oven mitts and the print fabric was left over from a backpack that I made for my brother a few years ago. I hadn't originally planned to make the bag out of these fabrics, I actually rediscovered them while organizing my supplies one night (which was another thing I'd been meaning to do for quite some time) and thought they really complimented each other.

In order to use what little print fabric I had left over this huge bag I had to cut it into two rectangular panels and sew it onto the twill fabric.

   This of course was a very quick and simple project. In fact what took the longest was choosing the zipper and pressing. The only issue I had was that I ended up having to use a burgundy zipper because all of my red ones were too short but in my opinion, it really doesn't make much of a difference.

In order to make the bag self supporting I sewed box corners into it 

and that's about it!

Thanks to my newfound drive I have a project bag that is not only big enough to hold my sweaters and throws, but also easily compacted to that I can keep it near me during those long car rides without feeling claustrophobic.

This bag also happened to be my first completed project using my new sewing machine. I had a brother machine with a drop in bobbin case for so long that when I was gifted this singer with a front load case I was a little intimidated. It of course wasn't as big of a change as I'd made it out to be and I adapted pretty quickly, but for a while it sat on my desk unused.

I hope you enjoyed my little finished project unveiling. I plan on doing more posts like this in the future so if you're interested then stick around.

     Thanks For Stopping By!

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