The Knit Chronicles


  This morning I released a new series on my YouTube channel called "The Knit Chronicles". In this series, I will be chronicling each step of the knitting process, from beginning to end. Cast on to bind off. And I'm very excited!

  This series came to be after I realized that what brings me the most joy is watching my work come together, from a simple ball of yarn to an intricate piece of handcrafted art. And from watching the same transformations at the hands of others. Cheering my community on as they celebrate the highs, and supporting them through the lows, that come with such a passion driven craft. So I thought, why not create a video archive so that I can share my experiences with others, and so that I can look back on them myself when I'm feeling nostalgic.

  My first episode is a little rough, but I am working on improving my sound and lighting. I plan on having it all sorted out by the second episode, fingers crossed!

  What did you think of my pullover? Have you ever played the most dangerous game only to have to try and make a new color work within your project?

Thanks for watching!

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