The [Knits In] Podcast Episode 7


In this episode I give a quick recap off all of the things that I have knit up for my lovely new niece, Seraphina. I also bring out a few finished objects that were somewhat impulsively cast on... Which apparently is how I've decided that most of my knits will come to be.

As of late, I've been adding loads of lovely patterns to my favorites on Ravelry. At night before heading off to bed, instead of browsing Instagram or Facebook, I revisit those favorites in search of my next project. Once I have singled out a pattern (or two) that I can cast on using stash yarns, I get to work on my gauge swatch(es). Then, once I make gauge I cast on, and that's it!

On the plus side, creating this way has allowed me to finally start focusing on the yarn that I already own instead of planning trips to go out and buy more yarn. Don't get me wrong, I love buying yarn, but I don't always need to. Revelation of the century! My stash is dwindling, and I'm okay with that.

At the very end of the podcast I have inserted a few highlights from our recent trip to San Antonio. We had a blast in case you were wondering :).

I hope you enjoy!

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