The [Knits In] Podcast Episode 8 ➡ Time Travel, Awkwardness in full HD, and a The Beginning of My Journey To More Meaningful Knits!

 Hello Hello HELLOOOO!

   I'm back! But for real this time. What's different this time around? I have figured out what it is that has stopped me in the past from picking up the needles, and I have laid out a plan for how I'm going to revive my love of knitting one step at a time. 

Before I get into that, let me first explain to you what's going on in this episode. Sit tight because there's a lot that needs to be explained... One thing you'll notice is that my hair is not the same length throughout the video. That is because I recorded the first half of the podcast MONTHS ago! Just after I gave myself and ill-advised quarantine haircut.

Do you like my choppy quarantine haircut?

  For that same reason the camera quality is equally inconsistent. I invested in a Cannon M50 camera this October, and although I am still learning how to use it, my camera quality has improved quite a bit since May, when the first half of this podcast was filmed. 

The next thing we need to talk about is the burn on my forehead... I burned myself while straightening my hair a few days prior to filming and I'll totally understand if you have a hard time not staring at it throughout the entirety of the video... I stared at it the entire time, too!

Finally, the most important part of the video: the part where I talk about how I plan to knit more thoughtfully in the future. 

Me knitting a raglan baby sweater out of 100% acrylic Yarn

By thoughtfully, I mean I plan to put more thought into my materials and the patterns that I choose. I no longer want to cage myself by buying cheap synthetic fiber yarns just to be cheap, I no longer want to favor free patterns over paid just to save a buck, and no longer what to put time and effort into knitting items that I don't love because I've prioritized price and quantity over quality.

Now as I write that, I imagine that some of you are going to think that me saying that is me calling out or judging others who do the same thing, not by choice, but by necessity. 

I can assure you that is not the case. 

I have been there, I understand what it is like to have an insatiable desire to knit, and no pocket money to fund it.

A sweater that I knit out of 100% acrylic yarn and never wear

I'm also not saying that with the intention of shading those who can afford higher cost yarns, but choose not to buy them because it is not a priority for them, or because they'd rather spend that money elsewhere. 

This decision is about me, me and my desire to fall back in love with knitting. I want to love every bit of it. I want to get excited over the beautifully hand dyed natural yarns. 

I want to browse through a fiber artists gallery of gorgeous patterns and carefully select the one that best suits my fancy. I want to then take that yarn, and that pattern, and transform it into a wearable work of art. One that I can wear proudly, knowing that I made an investment in myself and my happiness, all the while supporting several individuals who share my love of handknitting, so that they can continue to create the magic that I drool over on a daily basis while scrolling through my Instagram feed. 

That is all. No judgement. Just a love for all things handmade.

I hope you enjoy this episode. I am working hard to learn what (editing style) makes a knitting podcast most interesting to watch so expect there to be some major differences in each episode, at least for the next few months.

Thank you for watching!

- Denine C. 💕

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