My name is Denine. I am a student and I have been knitting for a little over 5 years now. Although I have not been knitting for very long I have advanced very quickly. Not too long after sharing my crafts with my family and friends I realized that not too many people know much of anything about knitting. I also learned that there are very few lessons available that can effectively teach everyone how to knit. I have made it my goal to provide the proper motivation, advice, and learning materials to help every person with a passion for learning to knit.

Knitting For All!

Learning a new skill can be difficult, especially since lessons tend to be geared towards one type of person; My goal is to be able to teach people with all learning types how to knit. The three basic learning types are:

*Auditory- People who learn best with verbal instruction.

*Visual- People who learn best with props or demonstrations.

*Kinesthetic- People who learn best with hands on experiences.

Although it can be tricky, I am hoping that I will be able to help people all over the world with all different learning types to create beautifully knitted works of art. After all no two people are alike, so how can they be expected to learn the same way?

Character & Class

Aside from lessons I also sell hand knits. With a wide range of styles, colors, and textures I am certain that you will find items that you and your loved ones young and old will cherish for years to come.


You will find everything you need. From accessories to complete sets, I create it all. You can shop for a variety of knits.

Stop by my shop to see which items suite you.

Learn with me!

- Denine <3!

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