Pattern Book Review + Ramblings: Knitting Nostalgia

Today I'm going to be reviewing a pattern book that I bought from Powell's during my trip to Portland. The book is called "Knitting Nostalgia" and is by far the most unique pattern book in my collection. This book is full of patterns from the 1920's to the 1950's that were refashioned to have that 1980's flair.

It includes:
  • 26 patterns (19 tops and sweaters, 3 scarves, 2 turbans, a tea cozy, and a cowl)(pages 13-99)
  • Pictures of both the original and the revamped versons of each pattern
  • A few pages of color glossy photos
  • A list of yarn equivalents (pages 100-101)
  • A list of stores which stock the suggested yarns (pages 100-101)
  • A knitting needle size chart (page 103)
  • A ruler (page 11)

Now because these patterns were redone in the 1980's they are now considered to be vintage to us. However, this books original intent was to take vintage fashion and interpret it in a modern way. For those of us who don't quite have a vintage wardrobe these pieces are great because they can be more easily incorporated into a more modern closet with less fuss.

The patterns are clear and easy to read but the best part of this book (in my opinion) is that because it was created in the 1980's it has the bright dramatic eye makeup, the short and sometimes loudly dyed hair, as well as the corny style of artsy poses that made my Mom (and I'm sure everyone else who viewed the book after having lived through that decade) say "That's so 80's!"

This is Herbert. In his spare time he enjoys long walks on the beach, sweater vests, and falling asleep sprawled out in the lobby of his dentists office.

There are quite a few patterns from this book that I would love to knit up. At the moment I am actually working on a "Linda" sweater for myself and It's coming along very nicely.

It is a long sleeve V-neck pullover with seed stitch detailing and a cinched in waist. I chose to knit mine in Lion Brand's Heartland in the color "Black Canyon" so that it would be cool enough to wear almost year around. It also allowed me to make a larger sweater without having to deal with pattern alterations.

The "Linda" pullover in color

I've never tried knitting on the bias so this(center scarf) should be a fun little project for me to try out. It would also make a great gift!

One thing I found interesting was that although the patterns were altered they each kept their original names.

Here is a picture of the "Cottage Tea Cozy"

And the word "butt" because I'm a child!

I have thought about knitting the "Bunch of Grapes" sweater(pictured in pink)
but I'm a little worried that after taking the time to knit it I'll end up changing my mind and never wearing it. Bobbles and I have a love hate relationship; They are always either hit or miss, usually miss. What do you think? Can you see this pattern being worth it?

Rating: 9/10
 Dificulty: 8/10
Thoughts: I honestly believe that there is a pattern in this book for just about anyone even if its just a turban, scarf, or tea cozy. This book has definitely opened my eyes to the power of pattern alterations. The patterns may look very similar to the originals but they are also their own unique patterns in themselves and I love that about them. I think that buying this book was a wise decision and I would definitely recommend it.

Click here to snag yourself a copy: Knitting Nostalgia: Knitwear 1920-1950

I Hope You All Can Find a Copy and That You'll Enjoy This Book as Much as I Do!

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