DIY Valentine's Day Gift Pouch + Gift Card Holder

Hey Guys! In honor of Valentine's Day I thought I'd come up with a quick and simple pattern to help spread some love. The Sweetheart Pouch is a cute little pouch which can hold a small Valentine's Day card and a gift card, candy, or whatever else you think would make your sweetheart beam with joy. The design of the pattern is cute with some detail but also very simple which is great for those of us with children, nieces or nephews, close friends and colleges, or even students that we care for.

This pattern is beginner level but I used a few slightly challenging techniques to knit this up and I figured that some of you may want a more detailed explanation of them so here we go!

Three Needle Bind Off:
The three needle bind off is a method commonly used to bind off a piece of knitting and simultaneously attach it to another piece of knitting or to the opposite side of itself (as we will be doing here)

The pouch is knitted over 40 stitches so in order to execute the three needle bind off we simply need to knit 20 stitches on the right side of our work, fold the knitting in half so that both needles contain 20 stitches then with both of the original needles pointed in the same direction you will:

Step 1:  Knit the first stitch of each of the original needles together using your third needle (so that there is one stitch on the third needle an 19 on both original needles)

Step 2: Knit the next two stitches on the original needles together (so that there are 2 stitches on the third needle and 18 stitches on both of the original needles)

Step 3: Then you are going to pull the first stitch on the third needle over the second stitch to bind off as you normally would.

You will repeat this sequence until there is only one stitch left on the third needle, then you will secure it and cut your yarn leaving an extra long tail for seaming your side shut.

Seaming Your Pouch Shut:
To ensure that our pouch will be able to hold its contents securely we will need to seam the side shut. We will do this using a yarn needle or any needle with an eye wide enough to fit yarn. To start you will need to:

Step 1: Thread your yarn needle and flip your work right side out

Step 2: Pick up a set of parallel horizontal bars of yarn located between the edge stitches on both open ends of your work. You will pick up a bar from each side working back and forth until the edge stitches recede to the inside of the pouch leaving you with a nice clean seam.

And there we have it! Every other aspect of the pattern is clear and simple so I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time knitting up this pouch. I'm also confident that anyone who receives this from you with be both grateful and impressed. If you use this pattern make sure to share a picture of it with the #knitsinbyme and tag me in it so that I can see your beautiful creation. Also don't forget to link you project on Ravely where your photo will most likely be displayed on the patterns page.

Lots of Love From Me To You!